Making software working for you

We create software services that manage and automate processes within the Healthcare sector, ultimately making it easier for care providers and pharmacies to produce better care and health outcomes for patients.

With over 20 years of expertise in the Healthcare and Pharma industries, Open Informatics is extremely knowledgeable and innovative within the space. We have created dozens of solutions that improve processes in both Aged care and Pharma.

Our Mission

At Open Informatics, we pride ourselves on creating viable, effective solutions in the Aged Care and Pharma industries that are produced exactly as the client wants, and ultimately, help them meet their respective goals, whether it is faster automation, less waste, more efficient care teams, or better medication management. By making intuitive and iterative solutions, Open Informatics create software that is built to last and transform organisations within the Healthcare sector.

Our Methodology

Agile Development

At Open Informatics, we practice within the Agile Methodology, which focuses on adaptive planning, early and quick delivery, as well as continuous improvement. Open Informatics starts working on your project the day after finalizing the scope, and iterates on rapid, progressive timetables. We deliver quickly and often, to ensure that the product is exactly what you need and finalized within the time-frame that you need it.


We believe in complete transparency between our clients and the Open Informatics team. With Open Informatics, you never have to wonder what the status of your project is, or how much you owe that month. We understand the difficulties of creating software solutions from the ground up, and we want to make it as easy on you as possible. Open Informatics will work with your company through agile deployments to create your solution as quickly and effectively as possible.